Sgian Dubh & Scabbard - SCOTS with Cap Badge & Orange Topaz Stone

SKU: 660000/013

Regimental pattern with cap badge. Worn behind rear flash on the right leg.

The blade and tang shall be manufactured in one piece from polished carbon steel hardened and tempered to within the range of 400-500 HV.

  • The length of the blade is 89mm
  • Grip – Ebony Wooden black chequered with Stud grips and Topaz Stone.
  • Scabbard – Calf leather scabbard, hand-sewn with nickel mounts.

The sgian dubh (Gaelic for black knife) is not a weapon. It came into fashion with civilian highland dress in about 1820. Officers and pipers of Highland regiments started wearing the sgian dubh from about 1840 when uniforms were becoming increasingly ornamental. It is worn by all officers, warrant officers and pipers of The Royal Regiment of Scotland.