Official Royal Regiment of Scotland Officer's Tam O'Shanter (TOS)

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The official Royal Regiment of Scotland Tam O'Shanter (TOS) handmade using cloth unique to the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

Officer's TOS comes fully lined with Royal Regiment of Scotland patch and holes punched for RRS Cap badge.

Available in sizes 52 cms - 62 cms.

When the Scottish regiments went to war in 1914 they wore the Glengarry, but it was found to be so impractical for trench warfare that many soldiers took to wearing a balaclava instead. In 1915 a flat highland bonnet was introduced to replace the Glengarry. At first there was a wide variety of styles and colours. The term Tam O'Shanter was introduced by the War Office for the older term Balmoral. The Regiment wears the khaki Tam O'Shanter with a square patch of Government 1A tartan, the Regimental badge and a battalion hackle. The badge and hackle can be removed on training or operations, if demanded by camouflage.