Glengarry Cap - Navy - Red/White/Navy Diced

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The Glengarry was introduced to the British Army by Lieutenant Colonel The Hon Lauderdale Maule as Commanding Officer of the 79th. It was practical and popular form of bonnet which soon became the undress wear in the Highland Regiments and by the 1870s was worn by all the Lowland and many English and Welsh line regiments.

The Regiment wears the green, white and red dicing previously worn by the Royal Scots, Kings Own Scottish Borderers, Royal Scots Fusiliers, Royal Highland Fusiliers, Seaforth Highlanders and Gordon Highlanders. It is worn at an angle slightly down on the right. 

The Glengarry is a traditional cap made of thick wool material, decorated with a toorie on the top, and rosette on the side, with ribbons attached at the rear.

Plain Colour / Diced
Features the traditional small pom pom (toorie) on the top, bow on side and black ribbon on the reverse

Sizes Range from 54cm to 60cm