Tie - Non Crease

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Our finest quality regimental tie which is handmade from highest grade non crease silk, Slip stitched and lined

The history of the Royal Regiment of Scotland regimental colours can be traced back to the merger of the Lowland and Highland Brigade in 1968 to form the Scottish Division. In the early seventies Col Robert Watson (Royal Scots) was tasked with creating a new Scottish Division tie and the design included a proposal to include the colours of green, blue and purple in the tie. These colours were subsequently approved by the Council of Scottish Colonels.

The original colours of the Scottish Division tie came from the Lowland and Highland Brigade ties. The green from the Lowland Brigade representing the lush lowland pastures and purple from the Highland Brigade representing the heather of the highlands. The blue in the Scottish Division tie came from royal blue of Scotland. The order of precedence for the colours was agreed as green from Lowland Brigade which takes its seniority from The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment) followed by the royal blue of Scotland and purple of the Highland Brigade.

In early 2006 at a meeting of the ‘Council of Scottish Colonels’ it was agreed that the regimental tie for The Royal Regiment of Scotland would be based on the Scottish Division tie and this was adopted by the Regiment on the 28 March 2006. The colours of the tie were then formally accepted as the official colours of the Regiment.