Regimental Full Diced Ball Hose, Red & Black

SKU: 660000/057S


Red and white diced ball hose were worn by highland regiments since their earliest days. The Regiment wears red and black diced hose which were first worn by the 42nd and 92nd in the mid 19th century.

Made in Scotland - leg length 18-20"

Knitted, fully fashioned, point linked and hand finished in Scotland.

Merino Wool/Acrylic Blend 85%
Nylon Reinforcement 10%
Lycra 5%
Cotton 85%
Nylon Reinforcement 10%
Lycra 5%
Cashmere 95%
Nylon Reinforcement 3%
Lycra 2%

Washing Instructions

Turn the socks inside out
Wash at 30° wool wash using a wool friendly detergent, gentle spin
Do not tumble dry. Lay flat to air dry

Small          - 5.5-7.5

Medium      - 8-10

Large           - 10.5-12.5

Extra Large  - 13 - 14.5